Open Studio Party

Get a glimpse into artist Jason Brammer's open studio party on May 9, 2015 in Chicago, where Brammer and special guests did a musical performance involving tribal drum and bass loops layered with lush atmospheric soundscapes.

Music composed and performed by Jason Brammer
Drumming by Kahil El'Zabar
Ambient sound by Justin Reed
Video by Jeremy E Jackson

The Future Is Recording Over My Pasture

Jason Brammer discusses his permanent, site-specific installation, The Future Is Recording Over My Pasture, at IV Lab Studios (Chicago, IL).

Directed, Shot and Edited by Jeremy E. Jackson
Produced by Various Things Live

Into The Ocean Of Being

See Jason Brammer's solo exhibition, titled Into The Ocean Of Being, at Linda Warren Projects in Chicago, IL. Includes footage from the opening reception on October 25, 2013. 

Video shot by Ben Gershman of 119 Productions
Video edited by Eric Hopper
Music recorded and performed by Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket. (Composed specially as a sonic accompaniment to Jason's art exhibition. This is what people are listening to on the headphones in the video.)

Dark Matter Machine

Chicago artist Jason Brammer presents his installation and mural, titled Dark Matter Machine, which transforms the Dark Matter Coffee roasting facility into a 19th Century Submarine.

Video by 119 Productions (Filmed By Jude Appleby, Mike Bump & Jackson Duncan | Edited By Ben Gershman)
Music by Winthorp

The Axis Mundi Series

Jason Brammer discusses the paintings and drawings from his Axis Mundi series, which debuted in his solo exhibition at Firecat Projects in February 2012.

Video by North Southern Films
Music by Winthorp

United We Flow

Jason discusses his 80-foot exterior mural, United We Flow, commissioned by the city of Chicago in Rogers Park.

Video by North Southern Films
Music by Free the Robots

A Word From Tony Fitzpatrick

Artist Tony Fitzpatrick talks about his Chicago gallery, Firecat Projects, and artist Jason Brammer. Also shows footage from Jason Brammer's opening reception on February 24th, 2012 for his solo show at the Firecat Projects.

Video by North Southern Films

Jason Brammer: Chicago Visual Artist

A short film about Chicago painter, visual artist, and muralist Jason Brammer. Features interviews with Brammer, his Time Machines series, a site-specific installation, a look inside his studio, live painting, and more.

Video by North Southern Films
Music by Free the Robots and Winthorp