Into The Ocean Of Being: Solo Exhibition at Linda Warren Projects

Jason’s Into The Ocean Of Being solo exhibition at Linda Warren Projects featured mixed media paintings from his Axis Mundi series, among other works, a site-specific mural, and an atmospheric soundtrack composed by Carl Broemel (of My Morning Jacket) as a sonic accompaniment to the visual art.

Exhibition Dates
October 25 – December 7, 2013

Linda Warren Projects, Chicago, IL

Photo credits: Installation photos by Tom Van Eynde and Ben Gershman. Opening reception photos by Robin Dluzen and Ben Gershman.

Into The Ocean Of Being - Opening Reception Video:
Music composed and recorded by Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket for the exhibit.

Full Exhibition Soundtrack
Sonic accompaniment composed and recorded for the exhibit by Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket  (6 min.).